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Introducing Hints in Cairo programming language

Reilabs introduces Cairo Hints, an extension to Cairo language that makes STARK programs easier to implement and cheaper to execute. Hints enable developers to supplement their programs with data that is difficult to obtain in ZK circuits, allowing them to solve new classes of problems with Cairo.

Case Study

Zero Knowledge Systems You Can Trust

The EVM’s ability to run computations on-chain has a major weakness: the cost of running code is often too great. Given a lot of the use-cases for this kind of public computation involve more interesting operations, we’ve seen a rapid rise in the use of systems that aim to alleviate those costs.

Case Study

Designing and developing upgradable contracts

One of the most foundational concepts on the blockchain is immutability. While this is one of its greatest strengths, it is also a weakness—being able to fix bugs is crucial to building reliable software, but being able to do this is a challenge on chain.