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Software Engineering

Reilabs operates at the forefront of cryptography and blockchain technology. We develop software with a focus on performance and security.

Building infrastructure for Ethereum scaling

The Ethereum Foundation is paving the way for EIP-4844, the solution for long-term Ethereum scalability. Its security relies on performing a large scale trusted setup.

Reilabs provided specification and the backend implementation. Over 140,000 people contributed, making it the largest trusted setup ceremony in the world.

Storage analysis of compiled EVM contracts

smlXL's evm.storage brings accessibility and transparency to the Ethereum blockchain by discovering and indexing all storage layouts and their values in EVM contracts.

Together with smlXL, we built a symbolic Ethereum Virtual Machine to gather storage layout information about unverified contracts using only the bytecode deployed on chain.

Speeding up cryptographic calculations on Amazon AWS

We partnered with Polygon Miden to improve perfromance of finite field calculations - the building block of all cryptographic and blockchain applications.

Leveraging Arm's latest Scalable Vector Extension, Reilabs was able to speed up Rescue-Prime Optimized hash by 37% on AWS EC2 Graviton3 processors.

Formal Verification

To stay ahead of attackers, we use mathematical proofs to verify properties of complex systems. We employ continuous integration with such methods to ensure ongoing security.

Gnark vulnerability disclosure

While working on formally verifying zero-knowledge circuits, Reilabs has discovered and reported a major security vulnerability in Gnark’s integer comparison component. The issue allowed attackers to bypass account balance and similar checks in any protocols using it.

The bug has been reported to the Gnark team via a responsible disclosure form and has been already fixed by the Gnark core team.

Our Services

High Performance Data Processing

Performance and reliability are critical for any big data application. We can suggest and implement tweaks to your pipeline with the potential of saving thousands of hours and millions of dollars in infrastructure costs.

Compilers and Tooling

From the design of programming languages and compilers to their development and maintenance, our team has worked on many cutting-edge language projects over the years. Our finesse can ensure that your tools achieve what you want them to.

Cross Platform Development

Developing software for multiple platforms is expensive. With our expertise in cross-platform Rust development, we can rapidly build your core services once, and run them natively on desktop, web, and mobile (iOS and Android).


From smart contract development to custom cryptography schemes. With our deep understanding of cryptography and blockchain protocols, we’ll make sure your project remains secure, fast and affordable.

Latest Blog Posts

Introducing Hints in Cairo programming language

Reilabs introduces Cairo Hints, an extension to Cairo language that makes STARK programs easier to implement and cheaper to execute. Hints enable developers to supplement their programs with data that is difficult to obtain in ZK circuits, allowing them to solve new classes of problems with Cairo.

Zero Knowledge Systems You Can Trust

The EVM’s ability to run computations on-chain has a major weakness: the cost of running code is often too great. Given a lot of the use-cases for this kind of public computation involve more interesting operations, we’ve seen a rapid rise in the use of systems that aim to alleviate those costs.


“Reilabs helped out massively in making the Ethereum KZG Ceremony possible. The infrastructure they built out was deployed in a high-uptime environment and they more than delivered: the code they contributed was elegant, efficient, and readable. Reilabs took the initiative to grok and improve the overall protocol and surrounding tooling. They are a pleasure to work with and I hope to be able to do so again.”

Carl Beekhuizen

“Reilabs has demonstrated great expertise with cryptography and blockchain. They were able to quickly take ownership of multiple internal projects and drive forward the development of our privacy-preserving identity protocol. Besides working closely with our internal teams, they also cooperated with other contributors in the Ethereum community. Reilabs delivers not only well-engineered code, but also thoughtful documentation, specifications, project management help, and more.”

Remco Bloemen
Head of Blockchain

“Reilabs quickly and effeciently implemented our vision for hints in Cairo. Hints in CairoZero were a pivotal feature for many projects, and their existence in the Cairo ecosystem is key in allowing client-side proving applications based on the new language. We enjoyed working with them and hope to do so again in the future.”

Ariel Elperin
PM and Researcher

“The Reilabs team has been indispensable in building, optimizing, and troubleshooting the Enso compiler and interpreter. Their technical knowledge and unique problem-solving abilities have enabled us to ship a reliable, high-performance product. We're looking forward to further collaboration and can confidently recommend Reilabs' services.”

Wojciech Danilo

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